Song of the Week: Diamonds and Rust

Welcome everyone, we return to the alternate song of the week format this week, as we are dealing with a song with many better covers. I would still like to mention though that ,for an acoustic folk song, I really don’t mind Joan Baez’s version at all. It’s pretty good for a slow song, and that’s saying something when it comes from me.

Top 5 Covers

But here’s why we’re here. As this was intended to be a spotlight on the Judas Priest version, the best covers section will understandably focus exclusively on them. Plus the only other cover I knew of was the Blackmore’s Night version.

1- The studio version

Every Priest version of this song rocks big time (except for the acoustic versions), but what the studio version nails was the tempo. None of the other versions matched this tempo, which in my opinion, just makes the song the juggernaut of metal that it is.

2- Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena 2009

This might not be the most aggressive version, and it’s certainly not the most faithful to the studio version, but Rob’s performance here is on another level. Particular the emotion in his singing. He puts so much of it into every word and every line, and that’s what puts this in second place. The delivery on the “I loved you dearly” line never fails to give me chills. However, Rob is still very lucky his vocal performance is so good here, because I have a couple choice words about his stage presence.

3- Unleashed in the East

A very solid vocal performance from Rob Halford here and it’s surprisingly the very slightly increased tempo of this rendition that sees it in third spot. It seems “Diamonds and Rust” is another one of those rare songs that isn’t automatically better when it’s faster.

4- Live Vengeance ’82

Another solid performance, but you can just start hear the vocal degradation that would peak on the Defenders of the Faith tour creeping in here.

5- Live at the US Festival

Very similar to the Live Vengeance ’82 version, just with a little more strains. It’s still a great rendition though, and gets major points for not being a sucky acoustic version

And today’s humorous image is a little observation I believe I found in the comments section of Judas Priest’s Live Aid video.

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