Bloopers of the Week

Hello again everyone. This week I had the honor of appearing on the latest episode of The Lebrain Train (found here) discussing some of the best bootlegs we knew. As the conversation progressed we also delved into why bootlegs are great, and one of the reasons was all the things that wouldn’t make an official release. So today we’re looking at the thematically appropriate bloopers, also due in part to the need to artificially extend the Long term viability for song of the week as much as possible. They are all Iron Maiden, simply because of my thorough familiarity with the band.

Top 5 Bloopers

1- Bruce forgets his microphone

I mentioned this one on stream and it’s one of my favorite mistakes. I love how Bruce just howls with laughter while the audience fill in for him.

2- Dave Murray sneezes

This one’s another hilarious one. Coming in off the back of an interesting conversation, Dave Murray sneezing and the aftermath sends everyone into laughter. My favorite moment is Bruce’s ‘This is heavy metal. Grrr’ as he tries to get things back under control.

3- Bruce falls

I mentioned this one on stream too. As the second verse starts, Bruce slips off his monitors, but doesn’t miss a beat.

4- Adrian falls

More falling. This time it’s Adrian. I’ve seen a video a much better angle at it but I can’t find it now. But anyway, as Dave Murray leaves the drum riser to go to the front for his solo, his guitar cord pins Adrian’s leg to his monitor, which Adrian doesn’t realize until he tries to walk backwards. The icing on the cake has to be the quick little thumbs up Janick gives Dave at 0:27, though it’s not as clear in this video. Oh and the tongue-in-cheek comment claiming this was Adrian’s reaction to what Janick calls a solo.

5- Janick throws his guitar

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more. Janick goes a bit too ham on the guitar throwing. No one was hurt thankfully, just one stunned and very awake security guard.

The Double Agent

Christopher Lee introduces Meatloaf

Now I’d normally include the best cover section but now I have to adapt it to yada yada yada. You’ve heard that many times already. So I’ve just got a funny video that pretends to be a blooper of sorts. Enjoy. I couldn’t find the original short clip, but the important part is right there up front. Plus you get some Meatloaf songs too.

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