Motörhead: Iron Fist (Review)

As promised, here is the first review from Motörhead (a short one, albeit). It might be a little surprising to some to find that I like the band very much. I was introduced to them through a nice little greatest hits known as Deaf Forever, and let me tell you, that was a great disc. So when it came to review a Motörhead album, I chose the one with one of my early favorites on it, “I’m the Doctor”.

But I’m somewhat saddened to report that outside of the songs on Deaf Forever, the album didn’t really hit that spot. Of all the new songs to me, the only one that I was really rocking out to was “Heart of Stone” (though I definitely prefer the “Lemmy Goes to the Pub” version. The riff for “(Don’t Need) Religion” was really cool though.

That’s not to say that the album is bad. No, not at all. A Motörhead song is never bad. It’s just a question of how good it is, and unfortunately most of the songs are not good enough for me to want to listen to them again.

The verdict- 3.25/5

I will definitely listen to Deaf Forever again though.

9 thoughts on “Motörhead: Iron Fist (Review)

  1. I haven’t heard this one, but I do tend to (bias) put Motörhead into one big happy pile. Maybe volume would help, unless your review play-through was done cranked to 11 already?


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