Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (Review)

We’re looking at another classic album this week, though one that I’ve actually already heard before. It didn’t impress me too much then, but what about now? Short answer is no. Long answer continues on. The album commences with a minute of noise and talking. While it foreshadows some of the songs to come, I’m already tired of it. Get to the music.

Thankfully song two is a proper song. It’s nice and laid back and short. It’s not my favorite style of Pink Floyd songs, but it’s an improvement over “Speak to Me”. And then things come crashing to a halt again, with more noise and sounds, but this time it’s FOUR minutes of it. God this stuff drives me up the wall. I want music, not random noise.

And we do get some, because we’re up to “Time” now. It’s a pretty good song, but I’m not sure it’s the best payoff to all we’ve had to listen through to get here. And then it’s back to the meh. “The Great Gig in the Sky” is next and it doesn’t click with me at all, being a lot of piano and wailing for the most part. Thankfully we are rescued from these doldrums by the best song on the album. “Money” is a great song and I love the line about ‘do goody good bullshit’.

From here on out the last three songs are pretty meh, but at least they’re properly constructed songs. Now before I finish I must mention that I’m not hating on this album for the heck of it. I love Wish You Were Here and The Wall, but this is nothing like them, and not in a good way. It’s a lot of style over substance. A fair bit of the songs have noise just for noises sake. This is not the sort of prog I like.

The verdict- 2.75/5

16 thoughts on “Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (Review)

  1. Thank you, this needed to be said. This album gets a ton of love, and maybe rightfully so, but there may be a bit of blind love on the part of PF fans. Who cares if it syncs up with a movie? It’s a tough slog to listen.

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  2. This album almost isn’t even an album. it’s just this independent thing because of the hype. It’s uncanny how even hearing it for the first time there’s something familiar about it. I dunno, it’s more than the sum of its parts.

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      1. Absolutely not the pinnacle of prog. It’s not really that prog sounding to my ears. More of an interesting studio experiment with jazzy rock music and a lot of dorian mode.

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