Kiss: Unmasked (Review)

This is a bit of an odd one to see, but there’s a story behind it. I initially listened to the album with the intent of dropping a ‘Lebrain is wrong/right’ on the great Lebrain in the tags of the review (full context found here), but my score would have been right between Lebrain’s two scores so I shelved the review and did something else.

Silly reason, I know, but this week I was at a loss for what to look at, and having just bought Double Platinum, thought this would be a fine choice. So here’s the lost Unmasked review, actually written because I didn’t even write it out last time.

And I like this album a fair bit (even “Shandi” a bit). It’s got a number of rock and roll tunes with serviceable riffing, with some much more notable tracks such as “Tomorrow” and “Talk to Me”. “Two Sides of the Same Coin” and “She’s So European” are good too (the latter with a cool keyboard solo), but my favourite is easily “Easy as it Seems”. Got a really cool funky bass intro and riffing aplenty to go with Paul Stanley’s vocals. I know some find the synth solo obtuse, but I like it. “Torpedo Girl”, meanwhile, gives me stylistically funny vibes, but it’s still a pretty good song.

Really only “What Makes The World Go Round” is the only bleh song, though most don’t stick in the mind too well. Unmasked is pretty good. It’s a pretty consistent album, though lacking in true high points beyond one or two songs.

The verdict- 3.5/5 stars.

I think this was the exact same score I gave it back then too.

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