Jimmy Barnes: Two Fires (Review) [Oztoberfest Part 6]

Barnes is back today, with his fourth solo studio album, and his first of the nineties. The album was his fifth consecutive number one in Australia, but has been a little forgotten on the live circuit since. A little disproportionately so. While it’s not his best album, it certainly has a good selection of excellent keyboard-infused rockers. “Lay Down Your Guns”, “Let’s Make it Last All Night”, “Hardline” and “Two Fires” all fit that bill, and are the best the album has to offer.

The softer, more ballady songs, “When Your Love is Gone” and “Fade to Black” (not a Metallica cover) are also pretty good was well. They’re simple and straightforward, but are pleasant listens. It’s unfortunately all the in-between songs where Two Fires falls flat. They’re not intense enough to rock proper and not ballads, therefore occupying a mediocre middle ground.

However, despite not matching the incredibly high quality of its predecessor Freight Train Heart, Two Fires still feels relevant in the Jimmy Barnes discography. And it still has a handful of top-tier songs on it.

The verdict- 3.25/5 stars

With another artist gone, the final week of Oztoberfest has us looking at one of the giants, AC/DC themselves.

8 thoughts on “Jimmy Barnes: Two Fires (Review) [Oztoberfest Part 6]

    1. There were a lot of bands that didn’t break it into the states (and by extension Canada), unfortunately. I think Boppin mentioned Freight Train Heart made it up there to some degree though.


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