AC/DC: Powerage (Review) [Oztoberfest Part 8]

The final review of Oztoberfest is upon us, and it is the Australian rock giant’s fifth studio album. Why this one? Well it was the first one that came into my head.

So let’s get into it. The great Lebrain famously once said that one does not review an AC/DC album as much as they just read out the song titles. So we’ll start with the songs I rocked out to: “Rock ’n’ Roll Damnation”, “Riff Raff”, “What’s Next To The Moon” and “Up To My Neck In You”. Then we’ll get to the songs that were merely alright and not too memorable: “Gimme a Bullet”, “Sin City” and “Kicked in the Teeth”. And lastly, the songs that I found next to no enjoyment in: “Down Payment Blues” and “Gone Shootin’”.

While there were songs I liked, I found the album as a whole to have a sameness to it. It was just endless riffing. Yes, I know that’s kind of their shtick, but the most popular AC/DC songs always had distinct and memorable choruses that set them apart from each other and got them stuck in the listener’s head. The only song that is like that on this album is “Rock ’n’ Roll Damnation”.

So in the end, Powerage was really kind of underwhelming.

The verdict- 3/5 stars

But we’re still going to end Oztoberfest on a bang. We might not have enough time for any more artist dives, but there’ll be a killer song of the week on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “AC/DC: Powerage (Review) [Oztoberfest Part 8]

  1. Dang, you have the nerve to say you don’t like “Down Payment Blues” and “Gone Shootin’”! And oddly enough, I hate “Riff Raff.” This was the first AC/DC album I bought with my own money, but there are other AC/DC albums I like more than ‘Powerage.”

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  2. I agree that they are all full of sameness, but you are right about the big albums had memorable choruses and that was what made them standout. I haven’t listened to this one in years so can’t say one way or the other on it, but if I remember correctly, I was probably in agreement with your assessment.

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  3. To be fair, I only repeated that saying. “The great Lebrain famously once said that one does not review an AC/DC album as much as they just read out the song titles” was published in a Canadian periodical in 1995 regarding Ballbreaker.

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  4. It’s an album that either clicks with people or it doesn’t. For me it clicked.

    Powerage is also sandwiched between two classic eras, the first three albums and then the albums known as The Holy Trinity that starts with Highway and ends with For Those About To Rock.

    In one of those many documentaries that came out from Metallica about the Black album, Lars does mention “What’s Next To The Moon” and “Dirty Deeds” as the drumming inspiration for the “Enter Sandman” Intro.

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  5. Riffing is not only their schtick, it’s their whole damn point. AC/DC carves riffs out of granite and leaves them in obvious places for future generations. The riff is all, the riff is everything. Volume cements it in your brain!

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