Motörhead: Deaf Forever- The Best of Motörhead (Review)

I don’t usually review greatest hits sets, but today I was in the mood for one, so I chose this motherload of Motörhead. I bought it at a CD and record fair along with a Megadeth greatest hits in an attempt to try some new bands (though I had already heard, and liked very much, “Ace of Spades”). And boy was this worth it. I instantly clicked with most of the songs, and despite the album’s length, it never got boring or tiresome. Major kudos to whoever picked and arranged the tracklist. Now at 21 songs this is a bit much to go song by song, but I will entertain a few more words about some of the standout songs to me.

Running in tracklist order, we start with the cover of “Louie Louie”. It’s just really fun, and not what I’d expect from a band with such a husky singer as Lemmy. Then it’s another cover, technically. “No Class” is as fun as it was when ZZ Top sang to the riff four years earlier in “Tush”. And that’s something really important about Motörhead that I really like. The music is fun. Even though it can be heavy at times, and Lemmy’s got a husky and raspy voice, I’m always having a great time with the songs on this disc. Especially on “I’m the Doctor”. It was one of the first songs to jump out at me, and I particularly like the melody for the chorus as it bounces around seemingly perfectly with its rhyming. Imagine that, complimenting the rhyming in a Motörhead song. But I like it. The soloing is also top-notch, especially on this tune.

This disc also has a couple of rarities on it. First among them is the alternate lyrics take on “Heart of Stone” from Iron Fist called “Lemmy Goes to the Pub”. Yep, you guessed it, this one is really fun too. And I definitely prefer the version found on here. Another great song, and one of my favorites on the disc, is the cover of “Please Don’t Touch”, the collaborations with Girlschool. I know I haven’t stopped saying it through this review, but this song is really, really fun. I can’t help it, I always have a blast listening to the band(s in this case).

Quickly back to the hits, “America” is another one I really like, and the live version of “Motörhead” is also a nice surprise (Sorry KeepsMeAlive). Penultimate tune “The Chase is Better Than the Catch” is killer as well, and closer “Deaf Forever” is the perfect barnstorming note to end on. But every song is good at the end of the day, this is just the ones that spoke to me the most.

Sure, I found Iron Fist to be kinda boring beyond what featured on this disc, but to judge a compilation by how much it got me into a band, there’s no other option for rating this one.

The verdict- 5/5 stars.

11 thoughts on “Motörhead: Deaf Forever- The Best of Motörhead (Review)

  1. I was just listening to On Parole last night! My first Motorhead was a compilation that got me right into the band.
    You need to use your LeBrain Train trump card and get Mike to do a Motorhead show!

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