“You wanted the controversy, you got the controversy. The most controversial man on the net”*

Hello and welcome to the site of the Mad Metal Man. First and foremost, allow me to thank you for stopping by and reading my ramblings and reviews. I hope you find yourself informed, entertained or maybe even persuaded. Whatever your reasons, I look forward to sharing discussions, laughs and discoveries with you.

As should be quite apparent by now, I have chosen to refer to myself as ‘mad’, among other things. This is not the form of madness pertaining to anger, but instead the form pertaining to insanity. By most diagnoses I have some of the most unique musical tastes ever documented. Loves Blaze’s time with Maiden as much as Bruce and Paul’s? Second favorite Sabbath album is Seventh Star? Fourth favorite is Forbidden? Total loon according to the general masses. Thankfully we here rise above such narrow-minded mindsets and can enjoy all facets of the many great bands to grace the business side of a CD. But where could such madness spring from? Perhaps the unconventional introduction I had to the bands I now hold on a pedestal? Or perhaps just a subconscious need to be different. Perhaps we’ll never know, but should we ever disagree on something, know that I respect any and all differing opinions, and welcome them to the great facilitator of discussion that is the comments section.

Now we are an inclusive lot here, and while I am the Mad Metal Man, I am also partial to hard rock, classic rock, prog rock and even a few other genres, and while you won’t find them dominating what you read, they will sit alongside the great genre of metal as equals at this site. I just needed a snappy title and I just couldn’t fit those other genres in there without it becoming ever so slightly cumbersome.

And lastly, allow me to give you a preview of what you can experience here: Castle Madman offers album reviews at an average of once a week, occasional set-list discussions, the odd random ramble, and the weekly song of the week (These will be posted every Sunday, for, if you hadn’t noticed already, I like a good alliteration) As the site grows and evolves, I may expand the scope of the content, but for now please enjoy the good, the bad and the bat-shit crazy of my opinions. And this Maiden tune.


The Triple M

*Don’t check that.

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