Corey Taylor: CMFT (Review)

This one’s courtesy of 2Loud2OldMusic. After I named Corey Taylor as the creator of the best cover of “Rainbow in the Dark” a couple song of the weeks ago, Mr 2Loud2Old suggested I give this one a spin, so I did. And? And it starts with one of my favorite new discoveries of the year.Continue reading “Corey Taylor: CMFT (Review)”

Alice Cooper: Flush the Fashion (Review)

I figured it was time for another Alice Cooper review, so I used the tried and true triple M method of finding albums to review: I chose the first one that popped into my head (second place went to Dragontown, so I’ll probably cover that one next). But back to Flush the Fashion. My readingContinue reading “Alice Cooper: Flush the Fashion (Review)”

Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (Review)

We’re looking at another classic album this week, though one that I’ve actually already heard before. It didn’t impress me too much then, but what about now? Short answer is no. Long answer continues on. The album commences with a minute of noise and talking. While it foreshadows some of the songs to come, I’mContinue reading “Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (Review)”

Motörhead: Iron Fist (Review)

As promised, here is the first review from Motörhead (a short one, albeit). It might be a little surprising to some to find that I like the band very much. I was introduced to them through a nice little greatest hits known as Deaf Forever, and let me tell you, that was a great disc.Continue reading “Motörhead: Iron Fist (Review)”

Metallica: Ride the Lightning (Review)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed any Metallica and, while I do like to pick more oddball choices for my reviews, sometimes you just gotta tackle one of the big ones. So here we are with Ride the Lightning, their second album. And the album kicks off with my least favorite song on theContinue reading “Metallica: Ride the Lightning (Review)”

Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (Review)

Fleetwood Mac aren’t metal at all, but don’t let that fool you. They’re still a terrific band and I’m proud to call myself a fan. The reason for my appreciation does have a lot to do with one man though: the Lindsey Buckingham. He’s not the flashiest or the most technically proficient, but he’s stillContinue reading “Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (Review)”

Black Sabbath: Forbidden (Review)

Alrighty, we’re going contrarian again. Apologies to anyone who’s still recovering from the Virtual XI review. I didn’t initially plan to sequence these two albums so close after another, but circumstances aligned as such. For you see, in its early stages of planning, the latest episode of The Lebrain Train was going to feature meContinue reading “Black Sabbath: Forbidden (Review)”

Anniversary Week Part 5- Iron Maiden: Virtual XI (Review)

Contrarianism at maximum capacity. Overload imminent. Well until then, welcome everyone to the craziest thing you’ll ever read. We’re finishing off the anniversary week reviews with a very big bang. Let us commence with the most maligned Iron Maiden album ever, making it into the banner for its iconicness (dubious iconicness, but still iconicness), itsContinue reading “Anniversary Week Part 5- Iron Maiden: Virtual XI (Review)”

Anniversary Week Part 4- Black Sabbath: Seventh Star (Review)

Anniversary week day four, and we’re finally getting into the interesting stuff. Seventh Star is hardly the definitive Black Sabbath album, and it’s certainly not got the best cover art I’ve seen (Born Again’s would even trump it), but I love it. You can’t say I didn’t warn you about my tastes when the bannerContinue reading “Anniversary Week Part 4- Black Sabbath: Seventh Star (Review)”

Anniversary Week Part 3- Rainbow: Rising (Review)

Anniversary week, day three, and we’re still in the 70s. Rainbow’s landmark Rising album got its spot in the banner due to its awesome cover art and on account of it being an iconic album, though one I hadn’t heard in full either at the time. So let’s begin. “Tarot Woman”. Yep, I know thisContinue reading “Anniversary Week Part 3- Rainbow: Rising (Review)”

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