Iron Maiden: Stratego (Review)

Iron Maiden were generous enough to release another advance single from their upcoming Senjutsu album. This time it is the second track on the album. And like with “The Writing on the Wall” I’m going to give it a little write-up. So let’s begin. Though it gets straight into the action from the off, IContinue reading “Iron Maiden: Stratego (Review)”

Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall (Review)

So I thought I’d weigh in on the new Maiden song today, though there’s bigger news by now. Still, it’s been technically released as a single so I can talk about it. Weird though not having anything physical. Anyway, on to the song itself. The short intro is cool. Sets the scene nicely and thenContinue reading “Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall (Review)”

Song of the Week- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Black Sabbath are perhaps the band best suited to song of the week, and they have a mountain of great songs. So let’s get into one of the many tunes to feature in our weekly series. Top 5 Renditions 1- The Studio Version Some would say that peak Sabbath was 1973, and this song makesContinue reading “Song of the Week- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”

Song of the Week Jr- Heaven Can Wait

Alrighty everyone, we’ve got another small one this week, with the first Iron Maiden song of the week in a while. Top 3 Renditions 1- The Studio Version Somewhere in Time is quite a unique album and I love the cold synth tone of it. As for the song itself, it’s multi-segmented structure gives plentyContinue reading “Song of the Week Jr- Heaven Can Wait”

Covers of the Week + Holen Magroin’s Top 11 Covers

Hello all. Just yesterday I had the pleasure and the honor of being a part of The Lebrain Train again. As you could reasonably infer by looking at the title of the post, or just being a regular viewer of Lebrain, today we’re doing a follow-up to that. We’ll also be featuring Holen’s covers listContinue reading “Covers of the Week + Holen Magroin’s Top 11 Covers”

Song of the Week- Smoke on the Water

Deep Purple song of the weeks are always difficult on account of how many live albums they have. It’s a blessing and a curse. But today we have their most famous song. Not my favorite, but definitely a really great song. So let’s begin. Top 5 Renditions 1- Rock Aid Armenia Kinda cheating a bitContinue reading “Song of the Week- Smoke on the Water”

Bloopers of the Week

Hello again everyone. This week I had the honor of appearing on the latest episode of The Lebrain Train (found here) discussing some of the best bootlegs we knew. As the conversation progressed we also delved into why bootlegs are great, and one of the reasons was all the things that wouldn’t make an officialContinue reading “Bloopers of the Week”

Song of the Week- The Evil That Men Do

I’ve been on a bit of a Seventh Son kick lately, and “The Evil That Men Do” is my favourite of the singles. As such, this song of the week was pretty easy to pick. Now let us begin. Top 5 Renditions 1- Sao Paolo 1996 When it comes to contrarianism, go big or goContinue reading “Song of the Week- The Evil That Men Do”

Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Review)

As promised, today we look at a metal classic. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, the end of an era in the Iron Maiden discography. I’m sure you’ve all heard it so I won’t bore you with the descriptory details too much and instead focus on why I love the songs. Admittedly, opener “Moonchild” takesContinue reading “Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Review)”

Rock Aid Armenia: Smoke on the Water- The Metropolis Sessions (Review)

In 1988 Armenia was hit by an earthquake and it devastated parts of the country. In 1989 a group of musicians came together to form Rock Aid Armenia. They recorded a number of songs to release as singles with the aid of raising funds for the affected areas. The most well-known and high profile ofContinue reading “Rock Aid Armenia: Smoke on the Water- The Metropolis Sessions (Review)”

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