Iron Maiden: Stratego (Review)

Iron Maiden were generous enough to release another advance single from their upcoming Senjutsu album. This time it is the second track on the album. And like with “The Writing on the Wall” I’m going to give it a little write-up. So let’s begin. Though it gets straight into the action from the off, IContinue reading “Iron Maiden: Stratego (Review)”

Mix CD Monthly: A Dark Time For New Discoveries

We return this month to unthemed mix CDs again this month with this fancy looking disc. At this point we’re either still in late 2017 or finally making the jump to 2018. I’m not too sure as I wasn’t the most consistent when it came to marking these sorts of things on my mix CDs.Continue reading “Mix CD Monthly: A Dark Time For New Discoveries”

Songs of the Week 2

So yesterday I had the great honor of once again appearing on The Lebrain Train (check that out here), and this time we counted down our Nigel Tufnel Top 10 for one of my favorite topics to do so for- songs that make our skin vibrate. In planning the list I came across a problem.Continue reading “Songs of the Week 2”

Mix CD Monthly: Blaze Bayley and Paul Di’Anno United

So there it is. The mix CD I’ve been so hyped to talk about. Not very surprising that it features a heavy Blaze presence now, is it? The impetus for creating this disc came twofold. The first was that I was finding a lot of rare Maiden tracks on YouTube (and naughtily downloading them) andContinue reading “Mix CD Monthly: Blaze Bayley and Paul Di’Anno United”

Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall (Review)

So I thought I’d weigh in on the new Maiden song today, though there’s bigger news by now. Still, it’s been technically released as a single so I can talk about it. Weird though not having anything physical. Anyway, on to the song itself. The short intro is cool. Sets the scene nicely and thenContinue reading “Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall (Review)”

Mix CD Monthly: And This Time I Actually Wrote The Track Titles Down (Sort Of)

Welcome again, to Mix CD Monthly, as we mark half a year of the series. And yep, just like last month, this disc is in a DVD case, as I probably didn’t have any regular jewel cases on hand. But it’s also actually thematically appropriate this time, as this disc marks the time that IContinue reading “Mix CD Monthly: And This Time I Actually Wrote The Track Titles Down (Sort Of)”

Song of the Week Jr- Heaven Can Wait

Alrighty everyone, we’ve got another small one this week, with the first Iron Maiden song of the week in a while. Top 3 Renditions 1- The Studio Version Somewhere in Time is quite a unique album and I love the cold synth tone of it. As for the song itself, it’s multi-segmented structure gives plentyContinue reading “Song of the Week Jr- Heaven Can Wait”

Mix CD Monthly: It’s 2017. All Aboard the Metal Train

The merry month of May brings a very metal mix CD monthly, as we chronicle the continuation of my (still strong today) journey to increase my personal music collection. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, that is a DVD case. I must have just not had a CD case on handContinue reading “Mix CD Monthly: It’s 2017. All Aboard the Metal Train”

Mix CD Monthy: 2016 Still, but the Collection has Expanded

It’s that time again everyone. Actually it’s not exactly, we’re a little late (it’s still April though so it’s fine). But anyway, Mix CD Monthly is still back, and this time with the biggest shakeup in the discs yet. Because, you see, in between making the last disc and this one, I started my ownContinue reading “Mix CD Monthy: 2016 Still, but the Collection has Expanded”

Song of the Week- Communication Breakdown

Another week, another song of the week. It’s been a while since we’ve touched on Led Zeppelin, and today we’re looking at a short little tune with plenty of fire. Top 5 Renditions 1- The Studio Version Awesome guitar chug? Check. Powerful vocals from Plant? Check. Frenetic Page solo? Check. Great song? Check. Criminally ignoringContinue reading “Song of the Week- Communication Breakdown”

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