Iron Maiden: Stratego (Review)

Iron Maiden were generous enough to release another advance single from their upcoming Senjutsu album. This time it is the second track on the album. And like with “The Writing on the Wall” I’m going to give it a little write-up. So let’s begin. Though it gets straight into the action from the off, IContinue reading “Iron Maiden: Stratego (Review)”

Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall (Review)

So I thought I’d weigh in on the new Maiden song today, though there’s bigger news by now. Still, it’s been technically released as a single so I can talk about it. Weird though not having anything physical. Anyway, on to the song itself. The short intro is cool. Sets the scene nicely and thenContinue reading “Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall (Review)”

Song of the Week Jr- Heaven Can Wait

Alrighty everyone, we’ve got another small one this week, with the first Iron Maiden song of the week in a while. Top 3 Renditions 1- The Studio Version Somewhere in Time is quite a unique album and I love the cold synth tone of it. As for the song itself, it’s multi-segmented structure gives plentyContinue reading “Song of the Week Jr- Heaven Can Wait”

Anniversary Week Part 5- Iron Maiden: Virtual XI (Review)

Contrarianism at maximum capacity. Overload imminent. Well until then, welcome everyone to the craziest thing you’ll ever read. We’re finishing off the anniversary week reviews with a very big bang. Let us commence with the most maligned Iron Maiden album ever, making it into the banner for its iconicness (dubious iconicness, but still iconicness), itsContinue reading “Anniversary Week Part 5- Iron Maiden: Virtual XI (Review)”

Bloopers of the Week

Hello again everyone. This week I had the honor of appearing on the latest episode of The Lebrain Train (found here) discussing some of the best bootlegs we knew. As the conversation progressed we also delved into why bootlegs are great, and one of the reasons was all the things that wouldn’t make an officialContinue reading “Bloopers of the Week”

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Tour Setlist Discussion (Ramble)

Welcome to the first post classified as a “Ramble”. As the title suggest I shall spend it opining on Iron Maiden’s setlist for their latest tour. Some thoughts on Maiden tours in general though will come first. The first is that Maiden setlists are very unadventurous for the most part. The second is that IContinue reading “Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Tour Setlist Discussion (Ramble)”

Song of the Week: Symptom of the Universe

In 2018 Black Sabbath’s ridiculously awesome “Symptom of the Universe” was voted the greatest riff of all time in Metal Hammer. And rightly so. So let’s take a look at the song credited as almost single-handedly inspiring thrash metal. Top 5 Renditions 1- The original It’s the original. There’s no beating it 2- Live withContinue reading “Song of the Week: Symptom of the Universe”

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