Song of the Week Jr- Running Wild

Alright everyone, we’re staying small this week, with Judas Priest returning to the halls of song of the week. Top 3 Renditions 1- Live in London Ripper once again tops a Priest song of the week. His voice is just full of character and his screams are expertly placed. The delivery on the ‘I rebelContinue reading “Song of the Week Jr- Running Wild”

Song of the Week- Breaking the Law

We’ve got an interesting song this week, notable for being a song that I disliked very much until I heard a certain version. No doubt about where that version is going to place today. Top 5 Renditions 1- ’98 Live Meltdown And here it is. Truthfully this is the only version I regularly listen to.Continue reading “Song of the Week- Breaking the Law”

Judas Priest: Firepower (Dual-Review)

And, at long last, we arrive at the final album (so far) in the Judas Priest discography. And it’s only fair that I let Holen take first crack at it. Welcome once again as we don our Ambiguously Gay Duo outfits and review the latest release from esteemed metal elder statesmen, Judas Fucking Priest. FirecrotchContinue reading “Judas Priest: Firepower (Dual-Review)”

Judas Priest: Redeemer of Souls (Dual-Review)

Yes, we’re back. The Priest dual-review series is still a thing, though at this stage it hardly resembles anything that could be actually called a series. Nevertheless, our second to last entry in the series is here, with 2014’s Redeemer of Souls. A very unassuming album in the Priest discography, and unfortunately for a goodContinue reading “Judas Priest: Redeemer of Souls (Dual-Review)”

Song of the Week- The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)

Another week, another song. And this time we’re returning to the rarely used alternate format for the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac classic. And so let us begin praising the original. I first heard this version in full very recently, and I was surprised at how well it stacked up against the Judas Priest coverContinue reading “Song of the Week- The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)”

Judas Priest: Live and Rare (Review)

Well this is a bit of an odd sight. A Judas Priest review that is not part of the dual-review series. But we aren’t doing compilations, so that’s why this one is appearing on it’s own. The disc is a collection of b-sides, almost entirely live stuff, and is in chronological order. We start offContinue reading “Judas Priest: Live and Rare (Review)”

Song of the Week- Sinner

An odd choice for the first song of the week of the year, as people usually resolve to be better. I’ve technically got one new year’s resolution, but you won’t get to hear about that one until Wednesday. For now you get to read my musings on the song. Top 5 Renditions 1- The StudioContinue reading “Song of the Week- Sinner”

The Great 2020 Recap (Ramble)

Welcome everyone, to the final post of 2020. It’s been a hell of a year. I started this site for one. I’ve got my Wednesday review and my Sunday song of the week still going strong. Rambles also came in as well throughout the year, as I weighed in on the Live Evil vs LiveContinue reading “The Great 2020 Recap (Ramble)”

Judas Priest: Nostradamus (Dual-Review)

Judas Priest’s first foray into concept albums and double albums occurred at the same time, with this very album in 2008. It was undoubtedly uncharted territory for the band and critical and fan reception at the time was mixed. Of course that’s never stopped me from liking anything before, so let’s see if Nostradamus stoodContinue reading “Judas Priest: Nostradamus (Dual-Review)”

Judas Priest: Fuel For Life Tour Setlist Review (Ramble)

Welcome everyone to what is only my second setlist review. I wanted to do more rambles but up until recently matters were a little hectic. But today we have one regarding the song selections for Judas Priest’s Fuel For Life tour of ’86-’87. I’ll start with the Turbo songs. “Out in the Cold” is aContinue reading “Judas Priest: Fuel For Life Tour Setlist Review (Ramble)”

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