Bloopers of the Week

Hello again everyone. This week I had the honor of appearing on the latest episode of The Lebrain Train (found here) discussing some of the best bootlegs we knew. As the conversation progressed we also delved into why bootlegs are great, and one of the reasons was all the things that wouldn’t make an officialContinue reading “Bloopers of the Week”

Ted Nugent: Free For All (Review)

The great Holen MaGroin is always trying his best to try and introduce new music to me and while I often break his heart with a well-placed “It’s aright”, he does occasionally recommend some very good stuff. In this case he sent me one of the songs from this album which, in conjunction with MeatloafContinue reading “Ted Nugent: Free For All (Review)”

Song of the Week- Good Times

It’s quite an achievement to have Paul McCartney ring up a radio station and ask them to replay your song. But it’s an achievement The Easybeats have. The song in question is “Good Times” and while it may not be immediately apparent the extent of what Paul saw in the original, a quick listen toContinue reading “Song of the Week- Good Times”

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